Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Madison, AL

As Dr. Magee often tells pet owners, “Old age is not a disease.” With the continued advancements that are being made in veterinary medicine, pets are now living longer than ever. At Madison Animal Care Hospital, we serve a large number of senior pet patients, and our professional staff is adept at providing them with the high–quality care they need.

Changes in Older Pets That Should Not Be Ignored

Providing your pet with the lifelong pet wellness care he or she needs is the foundation of a long and healthy life, and this includes senior pet care. Just as in humans, as your pet ages, his or her health needs will begin to change.

As an owner, you may begin to notice some of these common health issues in older pets:

  • Changes in appetite or eating patterns

  • Mobility issues

  • Weight changes

  • Behavioral changes

  • Dental problems

Illnesses and Diseases Older Pets May Face

Symptoms such as those listed above may be indications of:

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Arthritis

  • Heart disease

  • Kidney disease or failure

  • Respiratory issues

While there is little that can be done about the aging process, as an owner you can make sure your pet receives the benefits of early detection and preventive care by scheduling wellness exams for your senior companion twice a year. These visits will encompass:

  • A complete physical examination

  • Heartworm testing

  • Parasite screening

  • Diagnostic testing

  • X-rays (as needed)

  • Any required vaccinations

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Exercise and supplement recommendations

At Madison Animal Care Hospital, we are dedicated to offering all pets the care they need, including senior pets. Contact us today to schedule your senior pet care visit.

Our veterinarians and staff are committed to ensure that your pets receive the compassionate and individualized attention they deserve.