What Age Is Best for Dog Daycare?

What Age Is Best for Dog Daycare?

What Age Is Best for Dog Daycare?

What Age Is Best for Dog Daycare?

Are you a busy professional who works long hours? You may be a student who needs to attend classes. Dog daycare can provide your pet with the socialization and exercise they need while you’re away. It’s a great option for dog owners who must leave their pup during the day or on vacation. However, you must know the right age for your dog to start attending daycare. This way, you can help ensure their safety and well-being.



When Is the Right Time



Dog owners often wonder when they should start sending their furry companions to daycare. But the truth is there’s no set definitive age when your dog can attend these facilities. It’s highly recommended, though, that you wait until your pup is at least four months old before doing so.

Before enrolling your pup in a daycare facility, have them vaccinated and make sure it’s up to date. Reaching out to the center and asking about their daily schedule can help you get an idea of the place. For a better understanding, try visiting the center yourself. Observe how your dog acts around new sights and people. Also, don’t forget to ask about any certifications the daycare may have and what’s included in their services.



Is Your Dog a Good Candidate?



The most suitable candidates for doggy daycare are those in excellent physical health and who have received some prior socialization. They should understand commands such as their name, come, and sit, in addition to being comfortable in a new environment and around new people and other dogs.


Dogs of various ages can benefit from daycare, but they must be placed in the right groups. For example, pups shouldn’t be with adolescent dogs that play rough. Senior canines should not be forced to interact with younger puppies or adolescents either, as the latter may trigger or overstimulate them. Additionally, daycare can be a great option for dogs with mild to moderate separation anxiety. Even if they’re generally well-mannered, attending a quality daycare can give them the attention and stimulation they crave.



When Daycare May Not Be the Best Option



Dogs between six and eight months of age or older with limited socialization are usually uncomfortable with daycare. If you bring your pet at this age and they have not been exposed to much, they will only struggle to adapt to such an environment. Even with sufficient time, it can be difficult for a dog to immediately adjust to a new place and get along well with unfamiliar people and other dogs. Expectedly, some pups may not be able to handle this process, requiring more effort to acclimate.


Even though some timid dogs can become great daycare members with the right help, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. A good dog daycare facility will be equipped to determine whether your pup needs more time or if he’s simply not a suitable candidate. Finally, dogs with a history of aggression towards other dogs or people pose a serious risk and should not be taken to daycare. All owners must ensure that their dog is well-behaved to provide a safe environment for everyone present at the facility.


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