Tips for Traveling With Pets During the Holidays

Tips for Traveling With Pets During the Holidays

Tips for Traveling With Pets During the Holidays

Tips for Traveling With Pets During the Holidays

The holiday season is here; with it, expect travel and festivities in different locations. December is a popular month for travel, which means packing up your family for road trips or plane rides. If you are a pet owner, consider your furry family member when making travel plans. Proper planning will make holiday travel less stressful for your pet. Here are tips for traveling with pets during the holidays. 



Schedule Extra Travel Time



When traveling with pets, make sure to schedule extra time to allow for necessary breaks. If you are planning a road trip with your dog, they will need regular bathroom breaks and time to stretch. 


Plan your trip carefully and decide where to make pit stops. If your pet is not experienced in traveling, it can help to take short practice trips. They will allow you to see how your pet reacts or behaves during lengthy travel. 



Packing for Your Pet 



Make sure you pack everything your pet will need on the trip. Remember to pack extra food, water, bowls, and waste bags. If your pet is on medications or supplements, remember to pack them. 


Some favorite toys will help keep your pet occupied during the trip. Choose a safe and comfortable carrier large enough for the pet to stand and turn around. Remember, carriers for airline travel must meet certain specifications.  



Maintain a Regular Routine 



Most animals are creatures of habit, and they like doing certain things at the same time every day. Keeping a routine will help reduce stress and allow your pet to adjust to the new surroundings much faster. 


Avoid making drastic changes, and limit contact with strangers for the first few days until they adjust. Keep their feeding routine as much as possible, and walk your pet at the same time each day. 



Remember Their Documents



If you plan to travel internationally or cross state lines, ensure you have all the relevant documentation. It would help if you had your pet's health certificates and proof of vaccinations. Ensure your pet's microchip and ID tags are updated with your contact information. 


Visit your vet at least two weeks before your trip and secure the necessary documents. It also helps to schedule a wellness check for your pet before the trip. 



Relax and Remain Patient



The holidays and traveling can be stressful for anyone, including pets. Patience is a crucial factor when traveling with your pet. Help your pet remain calm and relaxed. Talk to your vet about mild sedatives or anti-nausea medication if they are prone to anxiety or car sickness. 

Your vet can offer tips on how to keep pets relaxed during your travels. Remember, if your pet picks up any nervous cues from you, it will make them more anxious. 


Creating personal space for your pet will help reduce stress over the holidays. It should be a secure space where the pet can get away and nap or relax without distractions. Packing their bed or blanket will help the space feel personal and comfortable. Get contacts of the closest emergency vets along your route.


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