New Puppy & Kitten Care FAQ

New Puppy & Kitten Care FAQ

New Puppy & Kitten Care FAQ

New Puppy & Kitten Care FAQ

There are certain things that every pet needs, regardless of whether it is a puppy or a kitten. Each animal also has specific needs that pet owners should consider before bringing home their newest addition to the family.


How Do You Know It Is a Safe Place to Live?

Before you bring a pet home, you need to think about where your pet will be spending its days. If you expect your pet to live indoors, you will make sure it has a place where it can feel safe. Crates or other safe spaces are perfect for new fur babies, so they know where they can retreat when they feel threatened.

If you plan to keep your pet outside or at least let your pet spend time outside, you will need to make sure that space is also safe. Pets need protection from the elements, so it is up to you to provide it. If your yard is bound to experience extreme temperatures or other weather conditions, you need to ensure your pet will be okay.

Fences are also critical for the safety of your pet. You will need to make sure your fence is secured at the bottom and tall enough because your pets will want to try and get out if they can. Do not forget to keep ID tags on your precious pet in case it does get out.


How Do You Establish Vet Care?

When you bring a pet home, you never think about the times you might need a vet for regular care and medical issues that can come up in the future. It is a good idea to research veterinary practices in your area to include places that can handle emergencies and regular daytime appointments. Social media can be great here, too, to get ideas from other local pet owners.

Something else to think about is pet insurance and how it can work with your vet. Some vets take pet insurance, while others require payments upfront, and then you get reimbursed from your pet’s insurance company. Make some phone calls before you decide on a vet, and do not forget to ask any questions you might have.


What About Basic Care and Consistency?

Pets need help in caring for themselves, so that is up to you to take care of them. That means bathing, cleaning ears, teeth cleaning, and possibly clipping nails when necessary. While kittens eventually get good at grooming themselves, they also need help cleaning themselves as they learn. Their claws are especially important to clean because they can harbor the bacteria that causes cat scratch fever if they accidentally scratch you.

You will also need to make sure that your new puppy or kitten has plenty of water and the right food for their nutritional needs. Pay attention to what happens as they eat, too, because some animals develop food allergies, so you may need to try a few different types.

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