How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Cat

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Cat

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Cat

How to Tell If You’re Ready for a Cat

Cats are fascinating pets to have in your home. They are quite different from dogs but just as loving and friendly. However, consider whether you are ready to be a pet owner before getting one. There are several factors to confirm whether you should adopt a cat. These include:


Members of Your Household


Among the first steps towards taking up this responsibility is consulting the people in your household. You will need their consent and cooperation before adopting a cat. Some people in your house may be allergic or indifferent to having cats. Schedule a meeting with them to explain your intentions and listen to their feedback.




Adopting a cat means you will care for the pet for its entire lifespan. If you get it as a kitten, it can mean caring for it for around 15 years, the average lifespan for indoor cats. Other breeds may live up to 20 years. 

If you are not ready to make this type of commitment, consider alternatives such as fostering or cat-sitting for people going out of town.




Cats are not as costly to maintain as other larger pets like dogs. They do their grooming and do not need you to hire a walker. Despite sparing you these expenses, cats still require you to foot the costs of their foundational needs. Several of these needs include scratching posts, quality foods, carriers, cat beds, and dishes for food and water.

Like any other household pet, cats also require veterinary care. If the cat is female, you may need to spay it if you do not want a future litter of kittens. They will also require routine exams and vaccines, whose costs you should consider. As you would for yourself and your family members, put money aside for pet emergencies. These can be medical or otherwise.




Indeed, cats do not need to go on frequent walks on a leash like dogs. Nevertheless, they still require exercise; many cat owners are ignorant of this, but it is a fact. Exercise strengthens the bond between you and your pet. It also keeps them in excellent mental and physical shape. 

Before getting a cat, prepare for periodic active play. Purchase cat-friendly toys like climbing trees, paper bags, laser pointers, cardboard boxes, and feather toys. These gadgets help promote movement and instincts.


Litterbox Duty


Among the things that comprise a cat-friendly home is a litterbox. The duty of managing this is not a favorite of any cat owner. But the activity is necessary, so however unpleasant it may be, you need to prepare for it before getting a cat. One tip for making this easier involves having an easy-to-grab kit containing all the essentials. These include bags, litter, and a scoop. If you want to adopt multiple cats, ensure that each has a litterbox. Keep an extra to avoid territory disputes and the accidents that follow.

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