How Often Should My Pet Get Teeth Cleanings?

How Often Should My Pet Get Teeth Cleanings?

How Often Should My Pet Get Teeth Cleanings?

How Often Should My Pet Get Teeth Cleanings?


Is it time for your pet’s professional teeth cleaning? Providing good oral care for your pet should be a priority, but how often should your furball see the vet for teeth cleaning? According to vets, pets should get their teeth cleaned by a vet once a year. However, pet breeds that are at a higher risk of developing dental disease should have their teeth cleaned by a vet twice a year.


The best thing to do is talk to your vet to find out how often your pet should have its teeth cleaned. Here are some factors your vet may consider when determining how often your pet gets teeth cleanings.






Typically, older pets need more oral care attention than younger pets, although this is always not the case. Pets as young as two or three years old may need to have their teeth cleaned by a vet. 


That said, many pets might not need professional teeth cleaning before the age of six. However, starting dental care early is a good way to maintain your pet's dental health. Starting early and while your pet is healthy will keep their oral health in good shape—particularly if you must stop cleaning your pet’s teeth later because of deteriorating health.






Smaller pet breeds need professional teeth cleanings more often than larger pet breeds. That is because of shallow teeth roots and dental issues common in smaller pet breeds. Such dental problems include dental irregularities and overcrowding.






Your pet’s food affects their dental health. Starchy meals can get stuck between your pet’s teeth, increasing the risk of developing bacterial plaque and tartar. That is why pet nutritionists recommend raw diets—raw bones, raw veggies, and raw treats and snacks.



Dental Care Routine and Practice



Brushing your pet's teeth daily, or at least three times a week as vets recommend, is important. That way, your furball will need fewer professional teeth cleanings than pets who do not get that level of dental care and maintenance.



When Should You Start Having Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned by a Vet?



There is no one blanket answer to this question. Generally, your pet should be grown and well enough to take anesthesia. 


Vets recommend taking your pet for the first teeth cleaning when they turn two years old. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, pets start showing signs of dental disease before they turn three years old, 



What Happens if You Do Not Get Your Pet’s Teeth Cleaned?



Pets develop plaque and tartar just like humans do. The plaque and tartar contain bacteria that spread to the teeth, gums, and gum tissues and trigger infection and swelling.


If not removed, the bacteria dig deeper into the teeth and cause dental disease. Dental disease eventually triggers stinky breath (halitosis), loss of teeth, and oral pain. Additionally, the bacteria can enter your pet's liver, heart, and kidneys and cause severe organ damage.


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