The Fine Art Of Traveling With Pets

The Fine Art Of Traveling With Pets

The Fine Art Of Traveling With Pets

The Fine Art Of Traveling With Pets

This the season… For spring travel, that is. Many families look forward to spring break and its opportunities for travel, but for those families that include four-legged members, things can be a little more complicated.

Whether you choose to take Fido or Fluffy along for the ride, or plan on leaving them in capable hands while you’re away, Madison Animal Care Hospital has you covered!

Tips For Traveling With Pets

Whether your pet is a newcomer to the wonderful world of vacationing, or an old traveling pro, he or she will have special needs. Planning ahead for your pet’s comfort and safety is critical to a fun and successful vacation with pets:

  • ID’s please – While traveling with pets, be sure that yours is always wearing his or her collar with attached (and updated) ID tags. If you have not had your pet microchipped yet, be sure to do so, and don’t forget to register the chip with the international database.

  • Supplies – Besides packing plenty of food and fresh water for your pet, be sure to bring along any medications he or she is taking (plus a little extra, just in case), along with his or her bed and favorite toy.

  • Vaccines – Before traveling, make sure your pet is up to date on all of his or her vaccines and parasite preventives, just in case.

  • Airlines – If you are planning on flying with your dog or cat, you will likely need to obtain a health certificate from your veterinarian. Begin the process of obtaining a health certificate at least a month before your departure date, longer if you will be traveling internationally.

Other things to consider when traveling with pets are:

  • Will your pet be welcome where you are staying?

  • Will your pet be stuck in a hotel room or vacation home all day while the family is away?

  • Are there plenty of pet-friendly stops along your route?

  • Are there pet-friendly activities to engage in once you reach your destination?

When Traveling With Pets Isn’t An Option

Depending on where you’re going, and the personality or specific needs of your pet, traveling with him or her just may not be possible. If this is the case, you will need to find alternative care for your dog or cat, such as a friend, neighbor, pet sitter, or boarding facility.

Madison Animal Care Hospital is proud to offer high quality boarding services we provide compassionate, professional care in our top of the line boarding facilities. Your pet will receive plenty of attention, playtime, and time outdoors each day. If you’re just planning on taking a day trip, we also offer a fun and interactive doggy day care service to keep your pet busy and happy until you get home. Opt for our grooming services and you can look forward to picking up a clean pup when you get back.

Happy trails, from all of us at Madison Animal Care Hospital!