Do Cats Need Professional Dental Cleanings?

Do Cats Need Professional Dental Cleanings?

Do Cats Need Professional Dental Cleanings?

Do Cats Need Professional Dental Cleanings?

Regular dental care is very important for felines. Most people do not realize that cats can get dental diseases, which can be very serious. At-home dental cleaning is recommended but it is not enough on its own. Regular professional dental cleaning is important to protect the cat’s dental and overall health. 


Feline Dental Diseases


The common dental diseases that affect cats are tooth resorption and periodontal disease. Studies suggest that about 85 percent of cats develop periodontal disease before they are 6 years old. On the other hand, 50 percent of cats over the age of 3 have tooth resorption.


Cats are adept at hiding signs of illness, which means that your pet can be suffering without your knowledge. In most cases, by the time you know that your cat is in pain, the disease has spread. Both periodontal disease and resorption often lead to tooth loss.


At-Home Dental Care


Brushing your feline’s teeth every day reduces the chances of your pet developing periodontal disease. Bacteria in the mouth leads to the formation of plaque on the teeth' surface. Plaque hardens into tartar that spreads below the gumline.


This causes gingivitis or inflamed gums and periodontics, which is the loss of bone and tissue. A large number of cats with periodontal disease is a clear indication that home dental care is inadequate. It is important to get professional dental cleanings.


Professional Dental Cleanings


Daily dental cleaning can reduce the chances of your pet developing dental diseases. However, it is important to get professional dental cleanings for your feline. Taking your cat to the vet will help ensure that they get a thorough cleaning.


Red gums, a heavy accumulation of tartar, and bad breath are clear indications that the cat requires dental cleaning. The frequency of dental cleaning will vary from one cat to the next, but all breeds can develop dental problems. Talk to your vet about your pet’s dental care needs.


Signs That Your Cat Needs Dental Care


Some signs will indicate that your cat may have some dental problems. Refusing to eat, dropping food, or staying away from the food bowl can be indicators of oral pain. In some cases, the cat may be eating but does so with a tilted head.


This is a sign that the cat is trying to chew only on one side, which could be due to pain. Bad breath, drooling, pawing the mouth, and behavior change can all be signs of an oral problem. Mouth odor is usually a sign that your cat may have periodontal disease.


During Professional Dental Cleaning


There are some things that you can expect when you take your cat for professional dental cleaning. The vet will begin by examining the cat’s general and oral health. The vet will carry out several tests during the comprehensive exam. The cat will be anesthetized before the cleaning.


The vet will take X-rays to inspect the gumline. The teeth are then cleaned using an ultrasonic scaler before being polished. Finally, a protective dental sealant will be applied to the teeth. The sealant helps prevent periodontal disease. Cat dental cleanings are important for the health of your pet.


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