Choosing the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Daycare for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Daycare for Your Dog

As a busy pet owner, you can find ways to ensure that your furry friend is safe in your absence. Doggy daycare is a great option for those who do not want to leave their pets home alone all day. They will make you avoid feeling guilty about leaving your pet cooped up in the house. 

But if you decide to leave your dog at a daycare, you need to be careful where you enroll your pet. Here are tips to help you choose the right daycare for your dog. 



Visit the Daycare Facility



Regardless of your location, you can find the right daycare for your dog. When looking at potential doggy daycares, you need to visit the facilities. Getting a tour of the facility will allow you to see the environment where your dog will be living. You want to see how clean the place is and confirm if there’s a dog-friendly atmosphere. You want to be confident that your dog will be well cared for at the facility.



Look for Friendly Staff 



Observe how the workers at the facility interact with the pets in their care. You want to see them enjoying their job. People who are friendly and happy doing their jobs are more likely to give attention to your pooch. 


Find out the ratio of staff-to-dog and note that some states have guidelines governing this ratio. In most places, a ratio of one human for 15 dogs is the standard. In some cases, the ratio is one human to 10 dogs. 



Check Safety Features



The right daycare for your dog should have appropriate safety features. They include proper ventilation to ensure fresh air and good fencing to keep the dogs from running away. Check if there are safe spaces for the dogs to play and safe floors that provide a good grip. 


You want a facility that is large enough to create space for dogs to play in different rooms. Separating dogs based on various factors, like size and temperament, will help keep all the animals safe.



Emergency Protocols



Find out the emergency protocols in place. Accidents happen, so you need to know what would happen if your dog is injured or has a medical emergency. Find out the steps and what they would do if you were not immediately reachable. 


If you experience bad weather in your state, find out how the facility handles weather emergencies. What would happen if your pet had to spend the night at the facility? Do they have boarding services?



Guided Dog Activities



Look for a facility that provides guided activities for the dogs. The activities keep the animals well-occupied throughout the day. Ask if they offer any training or exercises for the canines. Behavior modification exercises can help improve your dog’s behavior. 


Find out the policy on the use of toys. Many dogs tend to be possessive, becoming aggressive when protecting their stuff. Talk to the staff about your dog’s behavior when playing with toys. To choose the right daycare for your dog, consider all the factors. If your dog has special dietary needs, talk to the staff about it. 


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