Benefits of Boarding Pets in a Boarding Facility

Benefits of Boarding Pets in a Boarding Facility

Benefits of Boarding Pets in a Boarding Facility

Benefits of Boarding Pets in a Boarding Facility

When we become pet parents, most of us intend on taking our animals with us, should we ever need to go out of town. Unfortunately, there are some situations where taking our pet with us simply isn’t possible. When this happens, you may be at a loss as to what to do with your animal. 

The first thing that many pet owners will do when they realize they need someone to step in to care for their creature is ask friends, colleagues, or family members. While this may seem like an effective and inexpensive solution, the truth is that it is a huge responsibility to ask of non-pet owners, and one that your many may feel that they cannot refuse despite being uncomfortable with it. 

Fortunately, there is another option, a pet boarding facility. There are countless boarding facilities across the country that are created specifically to offer your pet a home away from home when taking her with you isn’t practical or possible.


Benefits of choosing a boarding facility for your pet

There are a number of reasons why choosing a boarding facility for your pet is a better option than asking someone you know to take care of your pet. 


Experienced care

Unless your friend or family member has owned a pet like yours in the past, chances are they don’t have a lot of experience in how to care for your beloved creature. This can be very nerve-wracking for both them and you, causing you to feel worried while you are away. Your chosen caretaker may even feel the need to text or call with questions or concerns, sometimes on a daily basis. This may be a nuisance if you are on vacation. It can also be difficult to deal with if you are on a business trip or recovering from surgery. However, by choosing to board your pet in an established boarding facility, such as those offered by veterinarians, you can rest assured the care of your pet is in the safest of hands. 


Immediate medical attention if required

Although your pet may be perfectly healthy when you leave, sometimes medical problems occur when you least expect them. If this happens, it can be extremely stressful for any caring owner, and you will want to know your pet is getting the best care possible until you are able to get to her. Most veterinary boarding facilities have professionals on hand to handle any medical emergencies that arise. They have the knowledge and experience to monitor the health of the animals in their care and administer any medications that may be required. 


Physical and social stimulation

In addition to providing expert care, when you choose a boarder you will also know that your pet will get the physical and social stimulation that she needs to remain healthy and happy. If you choose a pet sitter or family member to watch your animal while you are away, they will almost certainly have to try and fit playtime and exercise around their own busy schedules. However, most pet boarders will have facilities such as fields or yards, climbing towers and walkways, all of which will keep your pet’s mind and body busy. 


No financial concerns

When you opt for boarding, you will typically know exactly what you are paying upfront, unless anything unusual such as a medical problem. Then, the issues are typically dealt with and treatment given, and you are billed for any extra care your pet needs. However, if you leave your pet with a friend or family member, they may need to cover any unexpected costs until you return or can arrange to transfer funds. This can put a strain on friendships, particularly if your chosen person doesn’t have sufficient funds to get your pet the best quality care that you would like to give. 


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